Ramadan Campaign

Donate to a good cause this Ramadan. Your donations will feed the needy and provide an orphan with an Eid present at the end of the holy month.

Alkawthar gift

Gift a donation

You can now give the gift of your donation to your loved ones.

Alkawthar gift

Winter campaign

Our Winter Campaign is back. Donate towards the provision of warm clothes, blankets and heaters. Also, find out more and take part on the upcoming Purple Walk.

Abaya Appeal

Abayas are the most worn garment for women in Iraq. However, they aren't always affordable for our widows and sometimes they need to share. Donate just £20 and provide a widow with an abaya today.

mental wellness

Mental Wellness Program

Donate towards our Mental Wellness Program developed by our ambassador Berak Hussain.

mental wellness

Our Mission

We have a simple mission and that's to protect and provide the widows and orphans of Iraq.

We do this by doing the following:

  • Providing the Orphans and Widows with financial support
  • Developing a multipurpose complex to provide them a safe environment
  • Helping families with household needs
  • Engaging with International bodies to raise awareness regarding the situation in Iraq
  • Respond to emergency appeals
  • Facilitate medical support to those in need
shrine visit