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Feed the needy in Africa

We already know how much Allah loves those that do charity. Islam encourages us to be compassionate and kind towards those that are less fortunate. We are very lucky in the west where we can access meat easily, however for tose in the third world countries this is a dream.

For just £35 you can donate a goat as a sadaqa which feeds the needy in Africa. The meat will feed orphans and needy children in a school in Arusha, Tanzania in East Africa.

To donate, click on the donate form and choose the option 'FEED THE NEEDY IN AFRICA'

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You can also transfer your much appreciated donations to:

Account name: ALKAWTHAR PROJ
Barclays A/C No: 10859869
Sort Code: 20-35-93

For overseas donors :
Swift Code : BUKBGB22
IBAN Number : GB76BUKB20359310859869 [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]