Recent Mental Wellness Programme Campaigns and Updates

The Mental Wellness Programme is very close to our hearts, and the main reason it was developed was so we could sympathise with those in need and provide them with help and support through times of need. Alhamdullilah, in the West we are more open to talking about Mental Health issues and there's no taboo around it. However, in Iraq there's less knowledge about it. We aim to educate and train our volunteers so we can be there for the Widows and Orphans who may be going through mild or severe problems, to offer them a shoulder to lean on and provide support.

We would like to provide you with updates and recent campaigns below. Please click on the update or campaign that interests you to find out more.

LATEST UPDATE: Our big announcement!!
We're back with our wellness circles and
heading back to Iraq! School's out and the summer is in! This time we will be doing the Mental Wellness Circles with our children!
Join us in Najaf with Al Kawthar's
Ambassador Registered Psychotherapist,
Berak Hussain as we have fun with the children exploring mental wellness and how to take care of our wellbeing. Before going to Najaf, she will be joining us at the 12-year anniversary celebration dinner in London! Come and hear her and all of our esteemed speakers and presenters. Please do consider donating to support these programs. You can view the video update here. 

In order for this program to succeed long term with continuous ongoing wellness support for our widows and orphans, please consider donating this to this program.

May Allah reward you for your compassion and generosity.