Abayas are the most worn garment for women in Iraq. However, they aren't always affordable for our widows and sometimes they need to share. Donate just £20 and provide a widow with an abaya today.

Donate to our Ramadan Campaign today where you can feed the needy and give them and Eid Gift.

Donate towards the Winter Campaign that provides Orphans and Widows with essentials for the Winter and also learn more about our Purple Walk.

Our back to school campaign prepares children for their academic year by providing them with the essentials for school.

Donate generously to our Muharram Campaign and live the message of Hussian.

The Mental Wellness Programme is there because Mental Health Matters and we need one another to cope and deal with it better.

Our Orphans and Widows suffer from illnesses you can help with through your donations.

Al-Kawthar project is providing the necessary protection equipment for the widows and orphans.

Al-Kawthar highly encourages women to run their own businesses in order to be financially independent and economically sustainable.

For just £30 you can donate a goat as a sadaqa which feeds the needy in Africa.