Announcing our Mawkib at pole 70 on the road from Najaf to Karbala

What is Araba'een

Arba'een, also known as Chehellom marks 40 days after Ashura that commemorates the martyrdom of Hussain, ibn Ali , grandson of the Prophet. Imam Hussain is known for his brave stand and his selfless act of sacrificing himself and his dear family for the sake of Islam.

The Arba'een Walk

The Arbaʽeen Pilgrimage, or the Arbaʽeen Walk, is one of the world's largest annual public gatherings.
The pilgrimage is marked by long walks from Najaf or Basra to Karbala. The long walks are done in the name of Hussain ibn Ali,  who is known to stand up against tyranny and oppression. He symbolises universal freedom, social justice, and compassion.

What we are doing for the Arba'een walk 

Every year hundreds of our brothers and sisters partake in the walk. This year Al-Kawthar Project for Widows and Orphans, part of Al Khoei Foundation will have a stall at pole 70 and will distribute food, water, and other necessities to those who need it.

If you'd like to donate towards the distribution of food, water, and other necessities for the pilgrims - then please do generously using the form below.

Participate in our Mental Wellness Programme this Arba'een

Our Mawkib will be present on pole 70 between the 21st-25th September. You can come by and collect a spiritually green container. You can also bring your reusable bottles to fill at the water filling station.

You could donate to this programme via e-transfer to or PayPal.



To donate via bank transfer our details are :


ACCOUNT NO 10859869    SORT CODE  20 35 93

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If you'd like to DONATE VIA PAYPAL please fill out the form, and select "Arba'een Mawkib Donation" as your reference.