Who we are

The Al-Kawthar Project for Widows and Orphans was launched by the Al-Khoei Foundation in 2010. The project followed the Iraqi Aid Group that was established by the Foundation in 2003. Al-Kawthar is a humanitarian project providing aid, basic necessities, medical care, education and micro-finance to widows and orphans in Iraq.

The Al-Kawthar Project has grown to sponsor nearly 700 orphans, and we have supported 1100 orphans and 600 widows. The work of the project continuously evolves to adapt to the changing conditions on the ground in Iraq


Our Mission


Fighting Poverty

The Al-Kawthar Project plays an effective role in fighting poverty and supporting the vulnerable orphans and widows. Due to limited resources, our work currently focuses on Central and Southern Iraq, mainly Najaf, Kufa, Hirra, Albu Hidari, Barakiya, Abbasia and Haydria. We hope to expand our reach in the near future. We aspire to help in the provision of sustainable income for those that we sponsor.

orphan girl

Provide short-term relief and assistance

The project provides short-term relief to fulfil the immediate needs of these families, as well as long term assistance in shaping a positive future. The immediate care which we provide includes medical care, food supplies, clothes and other items as required. Our long-term projects include providing funding for education for orphans as well as micro-finance to the widows to empower them and to allow them to contribute to the development of society.

orphan child


Support and Sponsor

The funds we receive to support our projects are primarily raised during our fundraising events or through donations by generous donors. Additionally, Al-Kawthar offers sponsorship schemes that allow individuals to sponsor or co-sponsor orphans by committing to a fixed monthly donations. This donation will cover the cost of basic necessities of an orphan each month.

What we do

Provide orphans and widows with financial support, microfinance education and basic necessities

Developing multipurpose complex to provide a safe and warm environments to orphans and widows

Helping families with household needs including repairs, maintenance, and new appliances

Engaging with International Bodies such as the UN to raise awareness of the situation of widows and orphans in Iraq.

Respond to emergency appeals in Iraq such as the current IDP crisis

Facilitate medical support to those in urgent need of treatment

Our Achievements

Over 10 years established

         22 campaigns so far 

Approximately 12 appeals

Over 600 orphans helped

Sponsor an Orphan


You can sponsor an orphan and truly change their life. For just £30 a month (£360 a year), each orphan will be provided with:

  • Monthly allowance
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Educational classes
  • And other basic needs
  • Medical aid
  • Household needs