Arba’een Campaign for our Mental Wellness Programme


Salaam Alaikum,

May Allah reward your grief for the tragedy of Karbala during the upcoming holy days of Arbaeen.

On these days as we continue to mourn for the household of the Prophet. We also take this time to sympathise with the widows and orphans. Al Kawthar Project for Widows and Orphans continues it’s Mental Wellness Program in Najaf Iraq with the Arbaeen Campaign.

Our Ambassador, Registered Psychotherapist, Berak Hussain, The Muslim Counsellor will be implementing phase two of the program in Iraq implementing the mental wellness support groups with different groups with our widows.

Please consider donating to the Mental Wellness Program and you will receive the Spiritually Green Container to use for your ziyarat and majalis.

You can donate to Berak directly, please include your name and address to receive a container. You can donate via PayPal or use the email

Also, our green-friendly Mawkib will be present on pole 70 between the 21st-25th September. You can come by and collect a Spiritually Green Container. You can also bring your reusable bottles to fill at the water filling station. If you'd like to donate towards the distribution of food, water, and other necessities for the pilgrims for this green mowkib. If you wish to find out more about the Mawkib and donate, please do so here.

Follow along on our social media platforms for stories, ziyarat and live updates on the Mental Wellness Program and green friendly mowkib journey from Canada, UK ito Iraq.

If you're interested, check out Al-Kawthar Canada here.

May Allah reward you for your compassion and generosity