Mental Wellness Programme Muharram Campaign

Mental Wellness Programme Muharram Campaign

As we approach the month of Muharram, Al-Kawthar would like to announce the launch of our new Mental Wellness Program Muharram Campaign.

Compassion and Kindness begins with the understanding that we all struggle. Mental health matters and we all need to normalise talking about it in order to cope and deal with life’s daily challenges.
Our Ambassador, Registered Psychotherapist, Berak Hussain will be implementing phase one of the program in Iraq, training local staff in mental health awareness and also piloting mental wellness support groups with our widows.

Follow along on our social media platforms for stories, ziyarat and live updates on the Mental Wellness Program journey from Canada, UK into Iraq. 

In order for this program to succeed long term with continuous ongoing wellness support for our widows and orphans, please consider aiding this program with your donations.

As a thank you from Al Kawthar and The Muslim Counsellor please provide your full name and address and Berak will send you the Spiritually Green reusable container & drawstring bag.

You could donate to this programme via e-transfer to or PayPal