Give Ayla Fatema and Aliza Maryam the gift of charity for their birthday

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Ayla Fatema and Aliza Maryam are turning 9. As any 9 year old would, these girls will be having a party to celebrate their birthday. The only difference Ayla and Aliza have thought of a wonderful initiative which is to fundraise.

Your generous donations would go towards sponsoring an orphan and also their Eid presents. Let us remember the less fortunate on Eid and support the girls in fundraising for this beautiful cause.

As you know, at Al-Kawthar Project for Widows and Orphans we are a humanitarian project and we strive to help Widows and Orphans living in Iraq who are currently living below the poverty line.

We would like to thank the parents of the lovely girls for instilling such strong values and we pray to Allah that their family is rewarded in this world and the hereafter.

Please do donate generously to this cause. It will not only put a smile on the faces of Ayla and Aliza but also the orphans we help through this act.

If you would like to fundraise for this particular cause, please do so via mysadaqa.