The story of Jaffar Sadiq Majed & Mohamad Sadiq Majed

The story of Jaffar Sadiq Majed & Mohamad Sadiq Majed

Here is what Jaffar Sadiq Majed has to say about his life.

“Despite what my mother is providing and her support in my education, I feel there is something missing in my life, which is the presence of my father. There is nothing that can replace the role of father in a child’s life”.

“I thank Allah that I have my mum”.

“I would like to thank the Alkawthar project for supporting me. My thanks also to the Al kawthar staff who are very helpful and have given their support”.

And this is Mohamad Sadiq Majed’s story.

“I am in year 8 in secondary school. When I started school my father had already passed away, and my mother had to look after us. My mother was like a candle lighting our paths. My mother did her best to raise us with good manners and behaviour”.

“I would like to thank the Al Kawthar Project for supporting me. It is because of your support I am continuing my studies”.

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