Below are stories and sufferings of widows and their messages of appreciation.

Um maida
She is a widow of 70 and has 4 children. She has worked all her life as a teacher and a head teacher and supported herself , family and her mother and managed to get herself a small flat.
She was barely managing and then things changed when her husband forced her to sell the house and her jewellery  and was forced to pay for the rent every month in addition to her daily expenses.
Her husband eventually died and she was a single parent and had to look after her kids, putting food on the table , schooling expenses and other household expenses.
She suffered a heart attack, as she had high blood pressure and diabetes. Also suffering eye problems and needed several operations. Now she is in need of regular treatment and medication.
Her pension is hardly covering the rent and some daily expenses leaving her struggling with medical cost and food”
Um Mohamod
She is 62 years old, a sayed who lost her husband few years ago. She has to raise her 4 children single handedly. She has suffered a long time taking care of them and provide for them, struggling to put food on the table, cover the schooling cost and other necessities. Now the children are old enough to take care of themselves.
Life was so hard on her that as a result she suffered mentally and physically. She has multiple conditions.  She is suffering from heart problem, high cholesterol, severe arthritis, high blood pressure and she is severely diabetic
She worked as a teacher for more than 25 years and now is retired with a pension which does not cover even one weeks medication. Um Mohamad needs your support and kind attention”