city-absoc-1We were extremely delighted to have been approached by the young and dynamic City University of London’s ABSOC girls committee to have a fundraising event in aid of Al-Kawthar Project for widows and Orphans.
The event was a huge success. There was food, fun, laughter, raffle and also a discussion with Candidise group.

The theme for the evening was Winter wonderland, very appropriate for the current season.

The committee girls worked very hard along with Al-Kawthar team to make the event a success. Everyone had an amazing evening and we raised a good amount for our Orphans and widows.

Al-Kawthar project is pleased to plan events in collaboration with ABSOC. This was our third event so far and we plan to have many more in future. It is very pleasing to see our youth being involved in fundraising for the less fortunate.

We thank the committee for their hard work.

Here are some pictures from the event.

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